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Zebra DS2208 Handheld Barcode & QR Code Scanner

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2D barcodes have made their way to your Point of Sale, appearing on everything from the items your customers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. Your 1D scanner can’t capture the new 2D codes, leading to exceptions that slow down the check-out process and frustrate customers at that key last personal touchpoint in your store. But with the DS2208, you can scan it all. The Zebra DS2208 Handheld Imagers allow QRScanning. You get an affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn’t compromise performance or features for price. Your workers get best-in-class first-time, every-time scanning with point-and-shoot simplicity. You get an imager that couldn’t be easier to deploy and manage. And you can choose the model that best fits your POS needs.

DS2208 Handheld Imagers Features and Benefits

Instant Decoding with PRZM Intelligent Imaging

  • Only from Zebra, PRZM’s software decode algorithms for the DS2208 deliver superior performance on poor quality barcodes. The result is first-time, every-time scanning to help your workers improve productivity at the checkout counter.

Unsurpassed Scanning Range

  • Workers can scan barcodes across a wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm), improving checkout speed and reducing training time.

Point-and-shoot Scanning Simplicity

  • With omni-directional scanning, users never need to line up the imager and the barcode — unlike 1D scanners.