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Cash Register vs. POS

If you are like many retail business owners, currently using a cash register to run your retail business, then you are either wasting your time, money or both. The cash register is one step up from a calculator, but as business expands, you need to find a better way to run and manage your business.

Now, let us show you how you can throw away your old cash register and move into the future with the complete business solution. But first of all, let us explain the difference between a cash register and our POS solution, the smart business solution. Any cash register, however complicated, is used to process sales to your retail clients. It can tell you how many sales have gone through today and what items were sold. Then you have to take this information and feed it into an accounting and stock control system of some kind (either manual or computer based) before you can get any useful data to help you manage your business. You will have no idea which stock is needed without doing a stock take, which stock is fast moving which is dead stock that you should get rid of at a discounted price, and what is the current value of your stock, With eFusion POS, the story is much more complete.

The system comes complete with a docket printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and customer pole display, then, you can enter your stock details onto the system including tax and discount information, and then you start using it to process your daily sales. Now, every sale you process, adjusts your stock levels and accounting entries. You can actually know from the system the quantity left of a particular item, and when it is to be re-ordered. eFusion POS system actually tells you when the item has hit the re-order level and warns you while you are selling.

You can use the Multi-User version by connecting your back office computer to the front counter to let you add new stock on the system while your staff work on the front counter, you can also be changing stock prices, putting slow moving items on special and analyze your data all in the background. You can also be watching your sales as they happen, issue purchase orders for the required stock and conduct your email advertising campaign.



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