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Let eFusion POS Barcode Your Stock
barcode.jpgMost items nowadays comes already bar-coded, however, for the stock items which are not bar-coded, you can create your own barcodes by using the product part number as your barcode. Then use the built in Barcode printing to print barcodes to all of your stock. Printing barcodes can not be made any simpler, just go to the purchasing screen, enter your product codes and quantities, and click on Print Labels button, It’s that simple. And by using barcodes, there is no chance of making a mistake when selling.

eFusion POS also allows for multiple part numbers for the same item, a very handy feature if you buy your products from different suppliers with different part number for the same stock item.

Fully Control Your Stock
stock.jpgeFusion POS gives you full control of your stock. It will enable you to track each and every item that passes through your business, such as when it was bought and sold, how good a product line is doing, which stock is fast or slow moving, what is making you money, when and where to order from and more.

Create incentives for your staff by rewarding the ones with more sales
cashier.jpgOne proven method of boosting your business is by rewarding the staff members with top sales figures. eFusion POS can report on staff sales activities for any given period of days, thus enabling you to reward the active staff members, and create a healthy attitude in your staff to do their best, which in turn will improve your business bottom line.

eFusion POS Features

  • Point of Sale
  • Invoicing (Stock and/or Services)
  • Quotations
  • Debtors Control
  • Inventory / Stock control
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendors / Creditors Control
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • E-mailing
  • Diary
  • Single or Multi-User capabilities
  • Stock Barcode printing
  • Telephone directory

The program was designed in such a way that by processing the normal business transactions such as point of sale transactions, sales invoices and purchases, eFusion POS will do the rest. It will do all the posting for you as soon as you click the save or print buttons. It will adjust your stock levels, adjust the average cost prices, inform you if an item needs to be re-ordered, post the sale against the customers and keep track of their accounts and do the same for vendors. All of the accounting double entries will be done in the background so that you don’t have to even think about it, and at the end of any period, you just run any report and instantly access the data.

Enhance your business profile
invoice.jpgeFusion POS will also enhance your business profile by producing a very presentable business documents such as sales dockets, invoices and quotations in record time at very low cost, You don’t have to purchase your pre-printed invoices in bulk, just design your own business logo with your business details, instruct eFusion POS to use it and watch it come out on your documents and in color.

Save on your accounting bills
accounting.jpgComes the end of the year, you don’t even have to close the year or do any thing special, eFusion POS will start the new accounting year without you even noticing it. This feature will be especially useful with most businesses that have not finished their normal end of year procedures. Once it is finished, just enter the information back dated and watch eFusion POS adjust all of your figures automatically. The cost saving on your accounting bill at the end of the year will be many times more than the price you have paid for eFusion POS.

Leverage the power of the internet to your advantage
email.jpgOne very powerful feature that can be used with great ease, and minimal time to really boost your business bottom lineis the built-in bulkemailing feature. When you enter your customer details on eFusion POS including their email address, you have a database of repeat customers that you can tap into on regular bases by emailing them your promotions, special offers and discounts. Just think of it, for the very small amount you invest in eFusion POS, the potential of multiplying that investment hundreds of times over is very real and can be the decisive factor of making you big money.

You really have to try this feature to believe it, it is awesome, and the best thing about it, it costs you virtually nothing. Just add your file attachment with a sales pitch and click send then sit and watch your sales go through the roof.



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